Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation for Iowa Winters

Spray Foam Insulation for Iowa Winters

We know that winters around the Carroll, IA area can be very harsh For this reason, it is important that you make sure your home is well insulated. This can help to keep you and your family warm even on the coldest days this winter. While traditional methods of insulation, such as fiberglass, may not be enough to properly insulate your home and withstand several years of cold and harsh storms, the spray foam insulation from Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC. can keep your home warm for years to come.

Besides being more effective than the traditional fiberglass insulation used in most homes, spray foam insulation can be more convenient to install and can be fitted to every room and area in your home. Here are a few of the different applications that you can use spray foam insulation for in Iowa homes:

These are just a few of the areas that can benefit from spray foam insulation services. Keep the cold air out of your home this winter with spray foam insulation from Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC.

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation for Your Iowa Home This Winter

Spray Foam Insulation Iowa WintersSpray foam easily fills all of the gaps and spaces behind your walls, underneath your floor, and above your ceiling, This leaves an insulating barrier between the cold outdoors and you and your family within the home. As it is sprayed, closed cell spray foam expands to 30-40 times itself, meaning that a small amount can fill large areas in a short time period. Open cell spray foam expands even more, up to 120 times itself in just a few seconds. This quick expansion makes it simple and fast for our experts to install spray foam insulation in your home.

Fiberglass and other insulation materials may let some air through, but both open and closed cell spray foam completely block outdoor air from entering, making them a great sound barrier as well as an insulator. Certain kinds of closed cell spray foam can even help to seal moisture out of your home, keeping you and your family dry and warm all winter long, no matter what the weather is like outside. Other kinds of spray foam, open cell spray foams, allow water to pass through and make it easier to tell when you have a leak in your home that needs repaired. Because the spray foam insulation does not soak up the water, it is less likely to develop mold issues.

Contact our team today to find out which type of spray foam insulation is the best choice for protecting your Iowa home from the bitter cold this winter.

Meet Craig: Lead Applicator, Iowa Spray Foam

Iowa Spray Foam InsulationAt Iowa Spray Foam, we believe it’s the quality of our employees that really makes us. That’s why it’s a top priority for our company to provide a good workplace for our employees – a place where they can establish a career. We focus on finding the right people, finding a place for them in the company and keeping them long-term. There’s no better example of that within our company that our Lead Applicator, Craig Rose.

Craig has been with Iowa Spray Foam since we started business in 2006. In addition to being hardworking and knowledgeable, Craig is dedicated to the growth of the company. He has been present for lots of ups and downs, and much of the success we have experienced is due to him.

Craig started out doing trimming and prepping work. Soon he learned to spray and was running our rigs. His role with the company has evolved over time, but one thing has remained constant – the respect he has for our customers.

“Working with our customers is the part of the job I like most,” Craig explained. “I like to have myself and our crews be above everyone else, and it’s noticeable. Others don’t do near the quality work we do and we are proud of the recognition we receive from our customers for that.”

Craig is Demilec certified and one of the best sprayers around. He is married with five children, and shares a family attitude with the company. “Family is always first,” Craig added. “I try to pass that on to my co-workers as well.”

His construction background prior to coming to Iowa Spray Foam also helps him serve our customers well. “A lot of general contractors aren’t contractors,” Craig noted.  “Often times they are homeowners or just getting started without construction knowledge. I can look around a job site and help. For example, it’s tough to do our work once a wall is closed up, so I can help identify solutions before they are in a situation like that.”

Whether he’s at home or at work, he’s always giving his best. Craig’s approach is truly customer-focused. He takes the extra steps to ensure he treats our customers the way he would like to be treated. He takes the extra steps to make our customers confident in their decision to work with us and to complete jobs to meet or achieve their expectations – a quality that earns us repeat business and many referrals.

Thank you, Craig, for your dedication to our company!!