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spray applied fireproofing (SFRM) spray applied fireproofing (SFRM)

Spray Applied Fireproofing Services in Iowa

Spray Applied Fireproofing material (SFRM) is a gypsum or portland based, dry material that is mixed onsite with water and then sprayed onto structural steel and decks in primarily commercial applications. It is designed to “insulate” the structure of a building, preventing the steel structure from getting too hot. Steel will lose half its strength once it reaches 1000 degrees.

Fireproofing and Firestopping Are Two Different Applications


Fireproofing is designed to slow the risk of the structure from collapsing, giving occupants time to escape and Firefighter’s time to fight the fire.


Firestopping is used to seal top of wall and penetrations between walls and floors to stop the spread of smoke and fire.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

Spray Applied Fireproofing is applied at different thickness depending on the hour rating desired and the size of the steel beam. There will be several different thicknesses required, ranging from 3/8” to over 2”.

Spray Applied Fireproofing is usually used in concealed areas. Intumescent fireproofing is used in exposed area.

Iowa Spray Foam has completed projects using a few hundred bags of spray applied fireproofing up to projects that have used 10’s of thousands of bags.