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intumescent fireproofing services intumescent fireproofing services

Intumescent Fireproofing Services in Iowa

Intumescent fireproofing material (IFRM) is often confused as paint, but it is a coating. Intumescent is used to protect the steel structure of the building, preventing it from getting too hot and losing its strength. Applied with special paint pumps, it is sprayed into place in many coats, sometimes over many days. Paint is usually applied on walls at around 4mils thickness. Intumescent fireproofing will have a thickness of around 60 mils to over 350mils. 380mils would be equal 3/8” thick.

Intumescents can be water, solvent or epoxy based and interior or exterior applications. They can be single or plural component. It is usually being used on exposed structural steel.

Iowa Spray Foam has completed small jobs only taking 10 gallons up to jobs that used thousands of gallons.