Spray Foam Insulation: Not Just for Custom Homes

Spray Foam Insulation: Not Just for Custom Homes

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Although spray foam insulation has grown in popularity over the last ten years we’ve been in the industry, many people believe it is still only an upgrade for high end custom homes. This is not only false, but what most people don’t know is that spray foam insulation can also be a great cost saver for the entry level home industry. Homes starting in the $200,000 price range benefit the most from spray foam insulation.

I can’t remember how many times during a conversation with a custom home builder or during sales call to a regional production builder that they are ready to quickly dismiss spray foam insulation in an entry level home. Many large, national production builders who sometimes build in many different markets across the country have figured out that spray foam insulation is not only a good idea, but should not be just an upgrade option.

Builders like Beazer and Ryland Homes are using spray foam insulation as a standard insulation product, not just as an upgrade. So what do these national builders know that a smaller custom or regional production builder does not? Spray foam lowers energy cost, which lowers over all monthly cost of home ownership. This helps home owners buy higher priced homes because they have more money left over in their budget for home payments.

They are advertising energy cost like MPG stickers for new cars. A home insulated with spray foam insulation can reduce monthly energy bills up to 50%. Spray foam insulation helps meet energy code easier, reducing building costs which raises profit per home. Spray foam also solves callback issues. How many times has a new home owner called back and complained about how cold or hot a room is in their new home? Bonus rooms above garages or floors being too cold to walk across. Perhaps vaulted ceilings creating hot bedrooms during the summer months.

Savings from smaller HVAC units due to the superb performance of spray foam means more dollars of profit to the production builders and lower operating cost of HVAC units. So it doesn’t matter if you are a small custom builder, building one or two homes a year or a national home builder building thousands of homes a year in many different markets. Spray foam insulation works in entry level homes to high end custom homes. Simply solving problems, creating warm and comfortable homes, and creating lower energy and operating costs. We work with small to large home builders all the time.

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