Garage Insulation

Spray Foam Garage Insulation in Iowa

While it is not completely necessary to insulate your Iowa garage, it may be a smart idea. After all, the garage is a very useful space that you can use for a variety of purposes – storage, workshop, space for completing projects, living area for pets, etc. Some garages even have a loft area overhead that can be used as extra living space or as a guest bedroom. Without insulating your garage, it will be much less comfortable to utilize the space, particularly during the cold Iowa winters. Insulated garages are also great places to store items that may be affected by drastic temperature changes. No matter what you want to use your garage for, Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC. can help you by insulating the space with quality spray foam insulation.

Garage Spray Foam Insulation in Iowa from Iowa Spray FoamThe first kind of spray foam that can be used to insulate your garage is open cell spray foam. This kind of spray foam is relatively lightweight, and expands to nearly 120 times its original size. This means that it covers extremely well, making it a less expensive option that works great for covering large areas, such as garage walls. Open cell spray foam works by trapping air in the cells to insulate and seal the area. While it should not be used outdoors, open cell spray foam is a good option for garage insulation.

Another kind of spray foam that we offer is known as closed cell spray foam. This spray foam traps the blowing agent, a hydrofluoro-carbon inside the cells to insulate and seal out air. Closed cell spray foam is less expansive, only expanding to about 30-40 times its original size. But it is also stronger than open cell and better at sealing out moisture – closed cell spray foam can even be used in some outdoor applications. This type of spray foam also works well to insulate garages in Iowa, but tends to be a bit more expensive.

 Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation for Your Iowa Garage

Why use spray foam instead of fiberglass insulation to insulate your garage? There are many reasons that spray foam insulation is a better option for garage insulation than other, more traditional insulation methods:

  • Eliminates Moisture: Many kinds of spray foam are also able to keep water vapor from entering your garage. This will prevent mold from growing and will also prevent high humidity levels.
  • Keeps Out Dust/Debris: Because it is able to completely seal the area to which it applied, meaning there are no gaps or spaces for dust to get through.
  • Reduces Energy Costs: Spray foam is also very efficient, meaning that it is able to significantly cut down on heating and cooling needs and expenses.
  • Reliable: The durability of spray foam insulation means that it will continue to effectively insulate your garage for years to come.
  • Reduces Noise: Not only does spray foam create an effective air seal, but it is also able to deaden outside noise.

These are just a few of the ways that spray foam can help you make sure that your Iowa garage is well insulated. Contact Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC. for more information.