Crawlspace Insulation

Spray Foam Crawlspace Insulation in Iowa

Closed Cell Spray Foam on Crawl Space Walls

Insulation your Iowa crawlspace can make a huge difference throughout your entire home. Because a lot of the air that circulates through the upper levels of your home comes in through the crawlspace already, it is important to make sure that the crawlspace is not letting in too much air. Crawlspace insulation can also help reduce moisture in the crawlspace by keeping out water vapor, and can preventĀ various other problems from occurring not only in your crawlspace, but also in other areas of the home. Fortunately, Iowa Spray Foam Insulators’ team can insulate your crawlspace in no time.

There are many reasons that you should invest in basement and crawlspace insulation from Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC. Some of these reasons to insulate your crawlspace include:

  • Temperature Regulation: Insulating the crawlspace will cut down on the cold air that can enter during the wintertime and the warm air that can enter during the summer months. Spray foam insulation will keep your home comfortable all year long.
  • Moisture Control: Spray foam insulation is also quite effective at keeping out water vapor, which will prevent crawlspace moisture issues. Moisture in the crawlspace is a huge problem, as it leads to mold growth and other issues.
  • Reduce Pollutants: By insulation the crawlspace, you can keep dust, allergens, and harmful pollutants out of your home.
  • Prevent Radon: Radon is a colorless, odorless, carcinogenic gas that enters home through the foundation. Insulating your crawlspace can help keep dangerous radon out of your home.
  • Pest Entry: Having a crawlspace tightly insulated with spray foamĀ can also keep out rodents, insects, and other pests.

If you want to keep these problems out of your crawlspace and home, contact the professional insulation team at Iowa Spray Foam today.

Spray Foam Insulation Solutions for Iowa Crawlspaces

When most people think of insulation, they think of fluffy pink fiberglass insulation, which is common, but not the most effective. Over time, fiberglass insulation can become waterlogged, making it not only ineffective, but also susceptible to mold growth. This is an especially troublesome problems in the crawlspace, where moisture is a frequent problem. Spray foam insulation has recently started gaining a lot of popularity. While a bit more expensive, spray foam insulation does a better job of protecting against moisture problems and insulating your home for years to come.

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Closed Cell Spray Foam in Basement Walls

Here at Iowa Spray Foam, we have two different spray foam insulation options for your Iowa crawlspace. the first of these options is closed cell spray foam. This kind of spray foam insulation is medium density, rigid, and uses a hydroflouro-carbon as the blowing agent. While it can be used indoors and outdoors, closed cell spray foam is a popular option for exterior applications, since it has a higher level of moisture protection for your home. This makes closed cell a great option for crawlspace insulation.

The other type of spray foam insulation we offer is open cell. This kind of spray foam is lighter than closed cell, more expansive, and uses water as the blowing agent. Because it tends to be less expensive than closed cell spray foam, open cell is a common choice for homeowners. Open cell spray foam works well for crawlspace insulation, since it seals out air and can be installed quickly.

For more information about crawlspace insulation services from Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC., contact us right away.