Closed Cell Spray Foam

What is Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Closed Cell Spray Foam on Crawlspace walls.

Closed Cell Spray Foam on Crawlspace walls.

Closed cell spray foam is a rigid, 2lb/cubic foot medium density foam which uses a hydrofluoro-carbon as a blowing agent. This agent is ozone safe and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is trapped inside the closed cells and helps to increase the R-value of your insulation.

This type of spray foam works well in new construction, remodels, agricultural buildings, industrial settings and outdoors with a coating.

How Does Closed Cell Spray Foam Work?

Closed cell foam is sprayed into place as two part liquid and expands about 30 to 40 times its self in seconds. Most closed cell foams have an aged R-value of 6 to 7 per inch and can be used as a vapor retarder after 1.5 inches, depending on the manufacturer testing. They work great indoors or outdoors to seal out air.

When used outside they must be protected from U.V. light. Closed cell is considered water resistant after 1.5 inches and should not be used on roof undersides due to the fact if the roof ever leaks the water will set on top of the foam and could destroy the roof structure.

Closed cell spray foam is very hard: it has a tensile strength of about 25 pounds per square inch. It can add some racking strength to structures, but it is not a structural material.

Will Closed Cell Spray Foam Improve My Home’s Insulation?

If you are wondering how effective closed cell spray foam is when it comes to home insulation, take a look at the chart below. Just 2 inches of HeatLok Soy200 closed cell spray foam stops 94.4% of heat loss. Closed cell spray foam has immense air sealing capabilities and thermal performance.

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