How To: Marketing Spray Foam Insulation for Builders

How To: Marketing Spray Foam Insulation for Builders

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Sometimes I think that over the last ten years I’ve been in the business of spray foam insulation that everyone has at least heard of spray foam insulation. It’s hard for me to believe that there are quite a few people who have never heard of spray foam insulation. It still amazes me when I walk into a model home in a subdivision that a builder or realtor never mention anything about energy efficiency of the home or what the utilities will cost to run on a monthly basis.

This video is a great example of how realtors and builders simply miss the boat when it comes to energy efficient upgrades:

So why is this? My guess is that most builders focus way too much on profit and not enough on building a quality home. Most builders think spray foam insulation is an expensive upgrade to a home. But what consumers have figured out is that spray foam is a no-brainer investment that pays out big (take a look at a previous blog that explains the life-cycle cost of spray foam insulation).

What builders are really missing out on is offering an upgraded package that could add profits to a new home that still offers real value to the consumer. I have written many blogs over the years on the value of spray foam insulation. So in this blog I am going to give the builders a few pointers on how to market spray foam insulation to consumers.

Marketing Tips for Builders:

Spray foam insulation offers more comfortable homes. The real key to selling spray foam is to realize that it has nothing to do with the cost savings of the product. Yes, it does pay back on the return investment. But the real advantage or benefit to the home owner is the comfortable home. No more cold rooms or drafty homes. It takes different sales skills to sell a product that is hidden behind the walls. Much of this work has already been presented to the consumer from just about every Saturday morning home improvement show known to man. The consumer sees these shows using spray foam insulation on almost every project. If you doubt me, turn on one this weekend and watch.

While I could go into great detail on how we market to the consumer, I won’t (I’d like to not educate my competitors – I know  they watch my blogs on a regular basis).

But what I will do is offer our services. If you – as a builder or realtor – are interested in offering spray foam insulation, give us a call. We have a very detailed sales process that we are more than willing to offer builders. We will set down and train you and your sales staff on how to sell spray foam insulation.