Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell spray foam insulation is a semi-rigid, 1/2 pound per cubic foot, low density, water blown foam designed to be used indoors only. Open cell spray foam provides fantastic advantages for interior applications.

This type of insulation can be used on new construction, remodels, agricultural buildings and commercial and residential settings.

Sealection500 Open Cell Spray Foam on New Construction

Sealection500 Open Cell Spray Foam on New Construction

Some advantages include:

  • Low cost of installation
  • Best cost per R-Value
  • Water blown, no chemicals used
  • Less raw material and resources used
  • Allows for bi-directional drying
  • Accommodates seasonal movement
  • Resists water, air, sound

How Does it Work?

Just like its name implies, open cell spray foam consists of open cells that trap air inside of the foam to insulate and create an air seal. With water as a blowing agent, no toxic gases are used when installing open cell spray insulation. That means no ozone depletion chemicals, CFC, HCFC, fibers, VOC’s, formaldehyde or asbestos.

Open cell foam is sprayed into place as a two part liquid and expands about 120 times it’s original size. It cures into place in a matter of seconds. Most open cell foams have an R-value of 3.5 to 4.5 per inch. They also have the best cost per R-value of foam insulation.

What is the Efficiency of Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

Take a look at the Heat Conduction Chart below to see how well this type of insulation really works. With just 4 inches of Sealection500, open cell spray foam reduces the heat flow 94.72%.

As an example, if you had your thermostat set at 68 degrees and the outside temperate was 28 degrees, just 4 inches of open cell spray foam stops over 94% of the heat loss.

If you have any questions about open cell spray foam insulation, don’t hesitate to give Iowa Spray Foam Insulators a call. You can contact us today to get started on your free quote! heatFlowResistanceOpenCellpage