Metal Roofing Insulation

Spray Foam Metal Roofing Insulation in Iowa

Why is it so important to have the metal roof of your Iowa home insulated? Metal roofs, while a great option for a roof, is a mostly non-insulated roofing material. With our spray foam insulation, it is nearly the perfect roof! Insulating your roof will help to lower the energy costs in your home by keeping the temperature in the attic and the rest of the home better regulated.metal roof spray foam insulation iowa

The two spray foam insulation options that Iowa Spray Foam offers are called closed cell and open cell spray foam. While closed cell spray foam gives a more efficient insulation level with a smaller layer, open cell spray foam is slightly cheaper. Closed cell spray foam traps the blowing agent to form a protective, airtight, insulating layer; while open cell spray foam traps air inside the open cells. While open cell is lighter and costs less, closed cell is a popular choice for basements. This is partly due to the fact that closed cell spray foam can be used as a vapor barrier in some cases, which is especially useful in wet, damp, or humid basements. Both choices are good choices for a metal roof, but we can discuss which option is better for your specific situation.

Whatever you choose for insulation for your metal roof, Iowa Spray Foam will make sure that it is properly installed to keep your home comfortable all year long, especially through the winter and summer when temperatures are at their most extreme.

Benefits of Spray Foam Metal Roof Insulation from Iowa Spray Foam

Many homes have roofs that have been insulated in the past using one of the previously traditional insulation methods, such as fiberglass insulation. However, spray foam insulation is often a better choice for metal roof insulation, since fiberglass insulation has a couple of serious disadvantages when compared to spray foam insulation. Some of the advantages of using spray foam over fiberglass insulation include:

  • Less Bulky: Even though it is expands when it is sprayed, spray foam insulation is still relatively easy to work with and generally less bulky than fiberglass insulation.
  • Higher R-Value: This means that spray foam insulation is generally more effective and efficient than other types of insulation, providing your home with more protection and comfort, which also means lower energy costs throughout the year.
  • Water-Resistant: Unlike fiberglass insulation, which becomes soggy and moldy if exposed to too much moisture, spray foam has the ability to resist and seal out water, making it a great choice for your basement. It also has the added bonus of keeping out pests.

With metal roofs insulation is very important. This is where you will lose your heat in the winter if you do not have insulation. It is roof insulation that will help keep the entire home more comfortable throughout the cold winters and the hot summers in Iowa. For more information on basement insulation with spray foam from Iowa Spray Foam Insulators, LLC., contact our team of experienced professionals today.