Importance of a Good Subcontractor

You Need a Good Subcontractor

During the construction process you will be in contact with a lot of subcontractors. While sometimes I feel as though subcontractors can get a bad rap on the jobsite, most of the time they do not deserve it. During the construction process, you will be faced with making tons of decisions at a rapid pace. While a lot of these decisions will be made on cost alone, choosing a subcontractor based solely on that is a bad decision.


A subcontractor should be chosen on many different factors which also includes cost. I could generalize this blog for most subcontractors, but because we are spray foam contractors I will focus on them for this blog. Here are a few factors to consider:

Experience: Experience is a key factor in the spray foam world. Purchasing a rig on eBay and spending a few minutes watching YouTube tutorials does not make an experienced Spray Foam Subcontractor. My general rule of thumb here is finding someone who has been in the business full-time for at least 5 years. You don’t want someone learning on the job during your project.

Training: What kind of training has this subcontractor and their employees completed? The bare minimum here would be training from the manufacturer they purchase their products from. The next step would be completing SPFA certification. Do your homework and ask for documentation.

Proof of License and Insurance: Simply asking for proof doesn’t cut it. Get written proof.

References: Get a list of recent customers from the spray foam contractor and check them. Ask the customers about their good and bad experiences with the subcontractor. Did they show up when promised? Was the work completed in line with the scope of work or quote provided? Was the work done on time? A little careful listening can tell you a lot about the character of the spray foam contractor.

General Contractors: What other general contractors does this spray foam subcontractor work for on a regular basis? What major companies have they completed work for? Large companies have offices full of people on the lookout for potential problem subcontractors. They also have very strict rules before letting subcontractors onto their premise. Leaning on their experience can help you steer clear of issues.

Cost: I left this one for last for good reason. Too many people focus on the cost alone when choosing a spray foam contractor. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. The sweetness of a low price quickly fades when the work being done is not up to standard.

Like most things in life, doing your homework will create the best result when selecting a spray foam contractor for your project. Contact us today for any spray foam needs you have!